Cassandria Campbell


Cassandria Campbell is co-owner and founder of Fresh Food Generation. Fresh Food Generation is a farm-to-plate food truck and catering business that serves low-income neighborhoods healthy, affordable, cooked foods. The company is committed to sourcing foods from local farms and providing job training and employment opportunities for young adults in the communities they serve.  Cassandria developed the idea for Fresh Food Generation because she wanted to find healthier food options in Roxbury, her hometown neighborhood of Boston. She became a food justice advocate while working as a teen and later adult at The Food Project- a nationally recognized model for youth development and sustainable agriculture. In 2007, earned a B.A in Economics at Swarthmore College. Eager to learn how cities can best help communities access resources, she pursued a degree in Urban Planning at MIT. After graduating, she worked in the field of affordable housing as a development at Preservation of Affordable Housing Inc. She later returned to the world of food and started Fresh Food Generation in 2012.