Conference Co-Chairs

Cara Michell (MUP '16)

Courtney Sharpe (MUP '16)


Conference Committee Members

Azzurra Cox (MLA '16) 

Blair Storie-Johnson (MArch I '17)

Dana McKinney  (MArch I/MUP '17) 

Katherine Curiel (MUP '16)

Megan Echols  (MUP '16)

Shani Carter  (MUP '16)


AASU Leadership

President: Dana McKinney (MArch I/MUP '17)

Vice President: Azzurra Cox (MLA '16)

Secretary: Marcus Mello (MArch I/MUP '17)

Treasurer: Shani Carter  (MUP '16)

External Relations: Katherine Curiel (MUP '16)

Internal Relations: Megan Echols  (MUP '16)

Social Chair: Brodrick Spencer (MUP '16)

Media Chair: Cara Michell (MUP '16)


Volunteer Contributors

Hector Tarrido-Picart (MAUD/MLA '15)

James Stockard, Lecturer in Housing Studies, GSD

Joe Steele (MDes '16)

LaShawn Hoffmann (LF '15)

Maya Wagoner, MIT DUSP '17

Omar Davis (MLA '14)

Paco Lara Garcia (MUP '16)

Racquel Davey, BosNOMA, President


GSD Administration

Mohsen Mostafavi, Dean

Laura Snowdon, Dean of Students

Ben Prosky, Assistant Dean for Communications, Communications

Carlos Reyes, Student Services Coordinator, Student Services

Geri Nederhoff, Director of Admissions and Diversity Recruitment Manager, Admissions

John Aslanian, Director of Student Affairs and Recruitment, Student Services

Shantel Blakely, Public Programs Manager, Communications

Trevor O'Brien, Assistant Manager, Building Services


Logo Design

James Kendall  (MArch I '18), Jeremy Hartley (MLA '17), Keisha Hartley, Keith Scott (MLA '17)


Website Design

Cara Michell & Blair Storie-Johnson


Special Thanks

All who helped Bryant, Cassandria, and Didi in preparing the meals for the conference.


Harvard Graduate School of Design:
Master in Architecture (MArch), Master in Landscape Architecture (MLA), Master of Architecture in Urban Design (MAUD), Master in Design Studies (MDes), Master in Urban Planning (MUP), Loeb Fellow (LF)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Department of Urban Studies and Planning (MIT DUSP)



Dean's Diversity Initiative, Harvard University, Graduate School of Design


Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation, Harvard University, Kennedy School of Government

Loeb Fellowship, Harvard University, Graduate School of Design

Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University

Enterprise Community Partners


Hutchins Center, Harvard University

Development and Alumni Relations, Harvard University, Graduate School of Design

C. Todd Lombardo (CATALYTIC)

Office of the Assistant to the President, Institutional Diversity and Equity, Harvard University


Boston Society of Architects (BSA Space)

Frederick and Ivy McKinney

David Lee  (MAUD '71)

Eric D. Shaw (MUP '00)

Danielle Bardgette

Ken Stewart

Hansy Better-Barraza (MAUD '00)

Todd Bennings


In-Kind Sponsors


Columbia GSAPP


Harvard Art Museums


Women in Design




Bryant Terry,  Chef-in-Residence, Museum of the African Diaspora

Chee Pearlman, Chee Company, Founder

Darrell Fitzgerald, Fitzgerald Collaborative, Founder

Jean Lauer, Sweeten, Founder

Jerry Thomas, Jerry Thomas Arts, Founder

Marc Norman, UPSTATE Director

Mark Mulligan, Co-Chair, Dean's Diversity Initiative

Michael Hays , GSD Associate Dean of Academic  Affairs

Sally Young, GSD Loeb Coordinator

Teman Evans, DIOSCURI, Co-Founder

Teran Evans, DIOSCURI, Co-Founder

Theaster Gates, Rebuild Foundation, Founder