Chee Pearlman, TED Design Curator

Jean Lauer, Sweeten, Founder

Jerry Thomas, Jerry Thomas Arts, Founder

Marc Norman, UPSTATE Director

Mark Mulligan, GSD Loeb Curator

Michael Hays , GSD Associate Dean of Academic  Affairs

Sally Young, GSD Loeb Coordinator

Teman Evans, DIOSCURI, Co-Founder

Teran Evans, DIOSCURI, Co-Founder

Theaster Gates, Rebuild Foundation, Founder


Logo Design

James Kendall  (MarchI'18), Jeremy Hartley (MLA'17), Keisha Hartley, Keith Scott (MLA'17)






*Key: Master in Urban Planning (MUP), Master in Architecture (MArch), Master in Landscape Architecture (MLA) 

Conference Co-Chairs

Cara Michell (MUP'16) & Courtney Sharpe (MUP'16)


Conference Committee Members

Azzurra Cox (MLA'16), 

Blair Storie-Johnson (MARCHI'17),

Dana McKinney  (MARCHI/MUP'17), 

Fallon Samuels (PhD), 

Katherine Curiel (MUP'16),

Megan Echols  (MUP'16),

Shani Carter  (MUP'16)


AASU Leadership

President: Dana McKinney (MArchI/MUP'17)

Vice President: Azzurra Cox (MLA'16)

Secretary: Marcus Mello (MArchI/MUP'17)

Treasurer: Shani Carter  (MUP'16)

External Relations: Katherine Curiel (MUP'16)

Internal Relations: Megan Echols  (MUP'16)

Social Chair: Brodrick Spencer (MUP'16)

Media Chair: Cara Michell (MUP'16)




Communications OfficeHarvard University, Graduate School of DesignDean's Diversity Initiative, Harvard University, Graduate School of Design;

Development and Alumni Relations, Harvard University, Graduate School of Design; Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University;

Office of the Provost, Harvard University